Monday, May 7, 2012

The Winds of Chaos

The Winds of Chaos have once again struck the world of wargaming, or at least here in the world of Sector 420. Since my last post we have expanded our player base to a whopping 10 players, all whom are active or soon to be active players of Warhammer 40,000. This is terrific!!

The coming few weeks should prove to be exciting ones as a good amount of our group finishes up their classes for this semester and we begin the summer of gaming!

There are a few other big releases that we know are churning in the midst:

Summer of Fliers? is this for real? Marines? Orks? Necrons?

6th Edition release ? July? a real 8th edition fantasy /2nd edition 40k mix says the rumor-mill!

Chaos Legions?? Before 6? after 6th? who knows? but it's coming!

Dark Angels?? White Dwarf Binding? Next Codex!? WHO KNOWS!

The point is with this reinvigorated spirit of gaming buzzing around Sector 420 and the robust gaming community, this could pan out to be one of the greatest gaming summers in history! lol Seriously though, this should pan out to be great fun.

Let's not forget we have some exciting news on the Warhammer Fantasy front, as we now have several players, and we're hoping to continue to expand that player base as well. Some exciting buzz happening around our gaming tables these past few weeks and these upcoming months! Including additional playing tables and an ever expanding terrain collection!

Until next time...

-The Overlord

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