Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keeping an open mind

Last night was another booming gaming night for us at Sector 420, with a handful of games being played all evening and a good time being had by all.

As is the case during many a battle, the beer begins flowing and the conversation comes along with it. Soon we were talking about the prospective changes of the soon to be release 6th edition rulebook. As we continued griping over what could be, or perhaps should be… it dawned on me why I love 5th edition so much... because I accepted it whole-heartedly.

You see our group began playing 40k again about a year or so ago, or at least that’s when we switched from Blood Bowl to 40k officially. Now many of us have been playing wargames for years, and those who were veteran 40k players are back from the 2nd edition and early 3rd edition rules. So, we had about ten years and two rules iterations to skip. We were able to clearly look at the 5th edition rules (which admittedly have flaws) with completely open minds and open eyes. We loved it even before we knew much about it.

My point here is this. As avid gamers, like most of us are, we tend to form our own opinions and rational as to why a rule needs to exist and exactly how it should function. Whether right or wrong we all believe we have it figured out, but when our group first approached 5th edition we went into it with a mindset of “let’s play 40k” – not “let’s see how bad these rules suck, and misrepresent everything about this game I love” – which is how I feel the internet audience is viewing the upcoming release.

With all the impending changes or at least “confirmed” rumors… we have a lot to deal with in the next few weeks. Unlearning old rules and relearning our favorite game. As we do this, let’s all take a minute and think about how much we care about our hobby. The thousands of dollars we sink into it, the hundreds of hours spent pouring over the codexs and rulebooks to ensure our combos and builds are the tightest and finest they can be, and of course there are the extreme players who are the people who derive some type of income or financial gain from our hobby (kudos to you!). We all love this game to some effect… so let’s choose to continue loving it.

Could 6th edition bring doom to 40k? Could it end the game as we know it and ruin GW for the future… sure. Is that likely… NO WAY! Now psychic cards and random charge ranges and all that stuff cannot prevent me from the joy I feel when my little space elves are zooming around the table or when my scarab swarms rip apart a vehicle. This game is awesome. It will continue to be awesome, it just may be different from what we know right now. Different isn’t always bad. We need to look at these rules with new eyes and open minds. Enbracing changes and differences between 6th and previous editions. Do not compare directly to 5th or any other edition. Similaritys are just that, similar… this is a new game. Let’s learn it like one.
In any event, I hope this new edition of 40K continues to feed this budding blossom of fans and community we have built over the last few years. Let’s hope it bring a new balance to the game and shakes up the game enough to feel new, but yet still feel like that old friend we have known since we were flying Space Hulks or becoming Rogue Traders.

Game On!

- The Overlord

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